Sending Lovingkindness to Those Who Need It

Last night I led a small group of meditators through a guided lovingkindness meditation and focused for an extended time on those affected by the recent hurricanes. It was a beautiful experience and I woke up today with a revived energy. The practice is simple: Imagine a group of people experiencing hardship -- you may or may not know them personally. And repeat to them, silently or aloud, some statements of love and well-wishes.

Techniques and Tricks for Staying Mindful Throughout the Day

I recently answered a great question on Quora requesting some specific techniques, reminders and tricks we can use to continue to practice mindfulness or stay mindful throughout our day. It's all about little habits, over and over.

Practically Mindful: Looking at United Airlines' Epic Failure of Leadership

We all know what happened on a recent United Air flight when a physician was assaulted and dragged off an airplane for refusing to vacate his seat. It should have never happened. And I don't think it would have if United leadership was focused on their purported shared purpose. My take, along with four steps to making sure your company doesn't fall into the same trap.

Make Your Workplace a Grateful Place

Workplace gratitude can be a surprisingly difficult topic to talk about. On one hand, we shouldn’t have to argue much for the merits of recognizing others’ efforts at work. Each of us can point to a time when we were recognized and how great it felt. At the same time, taking time out of our day to thank others can feel like a burden. Here are a few ways you can boost the gratitude meter at your work.