What We Talk About When We Talk About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming a pop culture favorite these days, referenced in articles and books abound. That's great, but it also means we need to be careful about how we use it.

The truth is, there really isn't another word that better describes the state of being/skill we help cultivate in our clients so they can do their best work. And it's important to us that we get it right because we believe our work is extremely powerful and take it seriously.

So, mindfulness it is.

And what exactly do we mean when we say it?

Quite simply, we mean being aware of what's going on -- in our minds, in our bodies, and around us -- and accepting it without trying to change it.

Two keys:

  1. Being aware of the present moment, whatever is happening. Whether it's pure joy or rising anger, calm and peace or a tense fright.
  2. Accepting it for what it is. (The hardest part.) Anger comes and goes. Happiness passes, as well. To be mindful is to understand and allow it.

Sitting on a beach, feeling the sand on your toes and listening to the moving waves. That's mindfulness.

Catching yourself scrolling Facebook rather than working on an important task, and gently coming back to your work. That's mindfulness.

Recognizing that you're feeling nervous before a presentation and taking a deep breath to calm your body. That's mindfulness.

Snapping back into reality and realizing you've been staring at your boss for 5 minutes, without hearing a word he said. In that moment is mindfulness.

Mindfulness gives us space. Space to decide how we respond rather than react. Space to find calm, to find focus, to consider the perspective of others before we act. Space to do great things.

Our programs are designed to help you cultivate mindfulness through practice. We believe meditation is the most potent tool for that. And even a few minutes a day can produce tremendous results in anyone's life.

To learn more about how we help businesses become more mindful, check out our approach.

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