Practically Mindful: Technology is Changing the World

In this next installment of Practically Mindful, I dive deeper into the ways technological growth is changing the world. It's something I've talked about before and is often underestimated as a massively disruptive force in our lives.

That's because our brains aren't designed to conceptualize how quickly exponential growth curves produce change.

It comes down to this: The world we grew up in is changing. That's neither good or bad. It's on us to learn how to thrive in the midst of that change. That requires us to be able to stay calm amid uncertainty, to solve complex problems and to remain undistracted. At the same time, human connection becomes even more valuable. We were made to connect and in the future it will be a requirement.

My challenge for you: Pay attention to technology in your life. How are you using it? How has it impacted your daily behaviors, and how can you keep the relationship you want with it?