How Engaged is Your Team?

It doesn't take a research study for us to recognize that a lot of people are unhappy disengaged at work. Talking with our family, friends and neighbors gets us all the proof we need. That’s a big reason Golden Bristle exists.

But Gallup does actually study this. And last year they found over two out of every three workers are actively disengaged. This means they’re unhappy, unproductive and spread negativity through their workplace.

Think about that - 70% of people are actively making their workplace a worse place to be every day. (And this is even at its lowest level in 10+ years.)

Disengagement is costly.

ADP estimates each disengaged employee costs their employer over $2,000 every year in lost productivity. Not to mention the ripple effects workplace unhappiness can have on families, communities, etc.

All in, this costs US companies more than $450 billion each year.

Engagement isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about doing work that matches our strengths, aligns with our values and gives us a sense of meaning. Businesses with mindfulness at the core understand that, and meditation practices can help leaders understand their team members more deeply.

Mindful leaders are:

  • More likely to communicate with employees, keeping them engaged or determining the causes of disengagement (rather than blaming employees immediately)
  • More alert and compassionate to employee needs as humans, personal or otherwise (rather than treating employees like a cog in a machine)
  • More cognizant of employee strengths and weaknesses, and able to fit responsibilities accordingly (rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach)
  • More likely to encourage employee growth and upward movement (rather than feeding their own ego by keeping others down)
  • Better able to create a workplace with strong values

Mindful employees are:

  • More likely to communicate honestly with employers, with presence of mind and an understanding of their feelings
  • More able to balance emotions in the workplace
  • Better prepared to handle stressful situations as they arise
  • More patient and compassionate with team members, customers, etc.
  • Better able to communicate their personal values and relate to company values that align

Disengagement doesn’t happen overnight, but it can quickly erode a successful company from the inside. We believe mindfulness is the most effective way to create better leaders and more engaged, fulfilled workers.

That’s why we’re here.