Golden Bristle...Where Did That Name Come From?

Excellent question. And we won't drone on about the hours we spent scribbling hundreds of names on paper before hitting perfection, but that did happen. Anyway...

Are you a fan of mythology? (That was a rhetorical question.) We are and it played a big role in the inspiration for our name.

In Norse mythology there was a god named Freyr -- god of harvest. The harvest has a special meaning to us, as it represents the rewards of hard work and patience. It drives us toward living with purpose and (com)passion. Remember, we all reap what we sow.

Freyr had a pet boar named Gullenbursti (Golden Bristle). Gullenbursti was no ordinary boar -- he was crafted from thousands of strands of gold. It is said that wherever he traveled, the sun shone and plants bloomed. Gullenbursti quite literally manifested abundance wherever he went.

That's the greatest possible vision of what we do -- help others live awesome lives and create businesses that make an impact on the world.

And who better to be our role model than a mythical boar?