What We Do

We provide coaching, training and tools to help you lead more successfully and to help your team work better, together.

Services for Businesses

Individual Coaching

We help leaders create cultures of awesome. We help employees find space to do their best work every day. If you want to take control of your day and find focus amid the noise, this is for you. Contact Matt Thieleman for a free introductory call.

Group Training Programs

Take your mindfulness program to the next level with ongoing training and regular guided meditations. Our custom-designed programs will help your team to be more calm, committed, health and happy.

Team Lunch and Learn

We offer presentations to educate, engage and inspire your team. You'll leave with an understanding of mindfulness and its importance, along with some practical tools for bringing it to your life. (Great as a warm up.)

The Mindful Leader Program

The Mindful Leader Program is a four-week dive into mindful leadership. Your team will explore what it means to lead in the future, learn tools to develop their leadership capabilities and begin to develop a regular mindfulness practice (with accountability). This is our bread and butter for teams. If you want a mindful organization, start here.

Services for Universities

Alumni Programs

Help your alumni become leaders of their organizations. We offer lectures, workshops and individual training sponsored by your university and through career/alumni offices.

Student Workshops

Programs designed to help students gain greater insights into themselves and others, so they can develop the skills necessary to lead others. Topics can vary from basic mindfulness introduction and stress management to mindful leadership.



Work With Us

Our clients are ready to make an impact.

We'll help your team to become more calm, productive, happy and healthy, so that you can create positive change in the world.

If that's something you're looking for, give us a call - 615-592-1122