Make Your Workplace a Grateful Place

Workplace gratitude can be a surprisingly difficult topic to talk about. On one hand, we shouldn’t have to argue much for the merits of recognizing others’ efforts at work. Each of us can point to a time when we were recognized and how great it felt. At the same time, taking time out of our day to thank others can feel like a burden. Here are a few ways you can boost the gratitude meter at your work.

How to be Mindful in Meetings

I talk an awful lot about what mindfulness looks like in theory. That the mindful leader brings calm and equanimity to problem solving. She understands the individual strengths of each of her team members. She knows where to focus her time and energy. But how does that look in the real world, where the best-laid plans can fall apart in an instant and personalities come in all shapes and sizes?

Chapel Hill, Here We Come!

Today we’re flying to North Carolina to spend a weekend with some Morehead Cain scholars, talking about the need for mindful leadership today and in the future.

This is a group of young adults we know are going to change the world — not someday — but very soon or even as we speak.

Mindful leadership is a fascinating concept. And we’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to define it, and what skills or characteristics define those leaders who are most successful...

Question: Bringing Mindfulness to Staff with High Burnout and Turnover

We received a great question through our contact form last week from someone whose staff suffers from high burnout and turnover. They understand the importance of mindfulness in combating those issues but haven't had success with the resources they've brought in so far. See what tips we offered below, and let us know if other have worked for your team.