3 Ways to Beat Finals Week Stress

It's finals week time at college and university campuses around the country. That means long nights, increased coffee consumption and zombie-teens in sweats, hunched over library tables.

But it doesn't also have to mean panic attacks, early onset gray hairs or spontaneous crying fits. Finals are hard but together we can overcome the stress.

And because I love you all so, I've compiled a short list of tips and tools you can use to beat finals week like the champion you are.

1. Take a mindful SNACK moment

The recipe (get it?):

  • Stop: Just stop whatever you're doing.
  • Notice: Notice what's happening within and around you.
  • Accept: Accept whatever is happening without judgment (this is the hard part).
  • Curious: Get curious about yourself and surroundings. Pretend you're a detective.
  • Kindness: Respond to yourself and others with kindness and proceed.

For the full write-up, head to mindful.org.

2. Deepak Chopra teaches you to meditate your stress away

3. When all else fails, cute cats!

Thanks to Buzzfeed, we can find pictures of cute animals anytime we want. Just don't get sucked into clicking the other links on the site and procrastinating for the rest of the day!

Best of luck to everyone during this finals week and beyond. You can do it. I know you can.